Our billiard tables are the result of many years of experience and a great passion in this sector. For over 30 years we have produced unique billiard tables, relying on our master craftsmen and high-precision machinery for particular rectification processes; this means that the finished product is able to meet even the professional requirements of expert players.
Over the years, we have succeeded in keeping alive the tradition of the billiard table that is designed and made not only to fill a space in interior décor but to become a prestigious furnishing element in its own right, with the ability to enrich any room in which it is placed.

It is for this reason that we do not have a serial production of billiard tables but create unique, personalised objects to suit the décor of the room and the tastes of the future owners. Timeless objects made to last. All this has allowed our billiard tables to enter the most beautiful homes, adding prestige to the room in which they are placed and memories of one of the most enjoyable and antique games in the world. These magnificent objects exude the charm of long-gone eras, they convey art and reawaken the desire to stay at home and the pleasure of living in an atmosphere rich in emotions.



Our billiard tables are produced entirely in our own factory. The main types of wood used are solid walnut and solid beech wood, seasoned for 5 years, but other types of wood can be used on request. The frames are made using a system of joints and, where necessary, using an environmentally-friendly water-based adhesive, which is equally effective as the adhesion is aided by long hot pressings.
The table tops consist in 5 layers for each billiard table, and are made in natural slate with a thickness of 50 mm. On request, they can be completely heated. The heating system is made by creating tiny ducts in the stone in which the heating wires are then fitted and connected to a manual thermostat, which can heat the tops up to a temperature of 40 degrees.

This specific detail is particularly appreciated by professional players, as it reduces friction and hence doubles the speed of the balls on the table, for much longer shots.
The cloth used is made of worsted pure new wool and is fixed to the slate by means of tiny steel nails, totally avoiding the use of toxic adhesives. The most delicate operation is perhaps the assembly, as it determines the consequent quality of a game, which is in fact based on the surface being perfectly level and on the balancing of the side cushions.
As all things destined to last, our billiard tables, are extremely heavy. The slate top, in fact, weighs 900 kg and the entire billiard table weights approximately 1,500 kg.